Frei von unerwünschten Stoffen

Ohne Alkohol, Ohne Paraffine, Ohne Parabene, Ohne Palmöl, Ohne Parfüm, Ohne Silikon, Ohne Farbstoffe

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BIO & HAACP Zertifiziert
Das Powerhouse: BIO +5, BIO OPC PLUS, BIO CBD 10 | Honig

The powerhouse of our selection

The combination of our products with an extraordinary finish and, as a final result, even more refined formulas give you this power package to your immune system.

Pure and simple. Made from food grade ingredients

Say goodbye to synthetics and welcome nature.

Cleanse yourself with a clear conscience, because healthy skin starts with nourishing, pure food-based soap. Allow your skin only the best.
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BIO-Seife aus Lebensmittelechten Zutaten und den besten Ölen

Behind every product is a standard.

We are setting a new standard

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