Sauna Peeling Salt Stone

Peeling Salt Stone
Handcrafted product made from naturally pure rock salt
For skin application

Origin: Pakistan

Weight: 200g - 300g

The Salt Crystal Stone is a handcrafted product made from naturally pure rock salt and can vary depending on the weight.
Weight between: 200g - 300g

Our natural crystal salt comes from the north of Pakistan and is mined from salt mountains. It has a particularly high quality.

The so-called Himalayan* salt stone can be used in many ways, such as soap, deodorant crystal or generally for skin care. And to care for your skin, use the salt crystal stone like a conventional soap under warm running water. When stroking the crystal directly on the skin, watch out for naturally existing rough spots on the salt stone, which could possibly injure your skin when rubbing.
Skin impurities also react positively to contact with salt.

Please keep the crystal dry after use, otherwise the crystal will slowly dissolve in water.

In order to guarantee our high quality standards, we send samples of each batch to an independent laboratory for intensive testing. In addition, regular quality controls and hygiene inspections take place in our company, which confirms that our quality meets the requirements at a high level.

We are also certified by the organic inspection body "Kiwa BCS Öko-Garantie" with the organic seal DE-ÖKO-001. HACCP concept and controls by: Dr. Berns Laboratory

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