Quality you can sense.

We specialise exclusively in organic products. From organic oils to organic cosmetics,
you can be assured of 100% purity and quality through thorough laboratory analysis.

Our goal is to offer you 100% pure extra virgin organic oils, organic bee products and organic cosmetics without any loss of quality.

Health is at the beginning of a high quality of life and it is our first priority. That is why we work with independent institutes that have even stricter requirements than government regulations. We are monitored by leading control partners such as Dr. Berns Laboratorium (HACCP), LEFO Institut, LADR Lebensmittelanalytik, Dermatest, BAV Institut, Wessling Labor, QSI Institut and ÖKÖ-BIO control bodies in order to offer you only the best.
We do not want to meet the minimum but the maximum requirements.

With us you can feel quality. Try it now and feel the difference.

Our control partners: Food, cosmetics and all kinds of consumer goods are subjected to strict controls and evaluated here.

LEFO Institute
- A high quality laboratory with 40 years of experience
- Independent and regular testing
- Scientific experts

Dermatest Institute
"Of course we adhere to DIN. But we don't stop there. Because our standards are higher."
- Epicutaneous testing
- safety assessment
- Labelling tests
- Marketability testing

BAV Institute
- Microbiology
- Stability tests
- Nutritional value analyses

LADR food analysis
- Allergen diagnostics
- Label testing
- Water and environmental analysis

QSI Institute
- Origin determination by pollen analysis
- Sensory analysis
- Adulteration & authenticity analysis

Dr. Berns Laboratory
- HACCP Training
- Chemical analysis
- Molecular biological analysis
- Cleaning and disinfection measures
- Contact plate method DIN ISO 18593

Elmas BIO Guarantee:
- Independent testing of our own products
- Attractive price for high quality
- Your satisfaction