Organic Pomegranate Seed Oil native

Pure BIO Pomegranate Seed Oil certified, gently cold pressed.
An exceptionally significant natural miracle.

Laboratory analysis and place of production: Germany
Country of origin of the seed: Azerbaijan

From controlled organic agriculture
Ohne GVO Ohne GVO Ohne Aromen Ohne Aromen
Vegan Vegan Kaltgepresst Kaltgepresst

Dermatologisch getestet: Sehr gut

The golden yellow, pomegranate seed oil is a very exceptional natural wonder. Pomegranate seed oil is used internally as a food supplement and externally in cosmetics.
Today, pomegranate seed oil is an important raw material in cosmetics and is used in a variety of luxurious skin care ranges and care products.

Special features
Pomegranate seed oil contains a high proportion of highly unsaturated conjugated fatty acids and antioxidant fatty substances. This rarity is particularly rich in the rare punicic acid, a conjugated fatty acid named after the pomegranate (Punica Granatum).

Use in cosmetics
In cosmetics, pomegranate seed oil is used as an active ingredient in combination with other base oils. Even diluted, pomegranate seed oil is still very effective. The oil has a wrinkle-reducing, skin-firming and skin-regenerating effect. The caring properties of pomegranate seed oil were confirmed in a cosmetic study with the parameters hydration, sebum increase, skin smoothing, and erythema reduction.

Use as a food supplement
As a dietary supplement, pomegranate seed oil is highly valued for its punicic acid, an omega 5 fatty acid.

Please store protected from light in a cool and dry place!

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