Organic Royal Jelly Pure

Fresh, pure royal jelly of the highest organic quality.

The queen bee food juice, which makes the queen bee grow and develop. High-quality fatty acids and proteins, which also have an extremely positive effect on humans.

From controlled organic production
DE-ÖKO-001 EU agriculture

Origin: France / Italy, depending on the batch
Laboratory analysis and filling in Germany

Royal jelly is produced in the foraging jelly glands and especially in the maxillary (mandible) glands of the nurse bee. Pollen and honey serve as raw materials. Royal jelly is a whitish-yellow, thick mass and tastes slightly sour.

Royal jelly, also known as queen bee food juice, is extracted in specialised apiaries. Extraction is very labour-intensive and hardly worthwhile in more temperate climates. In warmer regions with a longer bee season, the total yield of a colony can be as little as 500 grams.

Our BIO Royal Jelly exclusively from Europe (France - Italy)

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of the reach of children.

Caution is advised in case of an existing bee/wasp allergy, asthma, cat, dog, dust or pollen allergy, as the feed juice may cause allergic reactions.
In addition, it is not suitable for children under 3 years of age!

Dosage: 1 ml daily. Dosing pipette included in the package.

Please store out of reach of children, protected from light, in a cool and dry place (refrigerator 5°)!

A life elixir in itself

The superfood of the bees which, through histone modification, allows the queen bee to develop a multiple lifespan, does not exclude the human body from this process.

Brain booster

Royal jelly contains acetylcholine, dopamine and neurotransmitters that play an important role in regulating attention, concentration, memory and mood.
As a result, it can increase the amount of these neurotransmitters in the brain, contributing to improved brain function.

Accelerated cell growth

Nucleic acids, vitamins such as Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C, and minerals such as Zinc and Copper, support cell growth and contribute to cell regeneration. By stimulating cell growth and regeneration, it can help with injuries and post-operative wound healing processes, and increase physical fitness, especially by slowing down the ageing process.

Immune booster as well

Rich in nutrients that support the immune system. With Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Copper and a variety of amino acids, these nutrients work together to strengthen and protect the immune system.

Improved digestion

Enzymes and Peptides that can improve the digestive process. These nutrients help the body digest food better and absorb nutrients more effectively. It can also help with digestive problems such as constipation and bloating by cleansing and regulating the intestines. By improving digestion, physical well-being is enhanced.

The royal anti-inflammatory

Royal jelly contains Propolis and Queen peptides which act as natural anti-inflammatories. These components can have a soothing effect on chronic pain and illnesses, such as arthritis. Studies also show that propolis has a strong antibacterial and antiviral effect,
making it a good choice for relieving infections.

Highest standard

Made in Europe

Fresh royal jelly directly from Europe (France / Italy) from professionally experienced beekeepers with the unsurpassed 10 - HDA quality in Organic.

Certified of course

Our royal jelly is regularly analysed and certified by the well-known QSI institute according to various parameters. This means that the best quality and purity are guaranteed.

PhD theses

Here you can view doctoral theses on royal jelly, which deal with various topics such as: Learning and memory processes or
cholesterol-lowering effect:

Phd Thesis from Michael Henschel

Phd Thesis from Bärbel Heidtmann

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