We are setting a new standard

All products are tested and evaluated in laboratories before they are passed on to you.

Chestnut Honey

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Eucalyptus Honey

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The inspection body for bee products

Our bee products, whether honey or royal jelly, are analysed by the QSI Institute in Bremen, Germany according to a wide range of parameters, so you can be sure that you are getting the very best from us.

The Skin Protection Seal

Dermatest is responsible for testing all our products that come into contact with the skin. This is how we ensure that all our products meet the quality requirements intended for you - the minimum for us.

The quality proof

An institute with 40 years of experience and scientific experts in decades of cooperation around the regular and independent testing of our products.

And all of this voluntarily.

The safety for whatever is in the product

Dr.Berns Laboratorium is our close partner to ensure that all ingredients in the environment that are in your product and that we work with are up to the HACCP standard.

The full check-up

The BAV Institute assures the stability of our products in different environments as well as a microbiological analysis and the exact nutritional information. This is how we ensure that our ideas about our products can be passed on to you exactly as they are.

The finishing touches are also checked

To give the product the final touch, all our labels are tested by the LADR Institute, which also carries out allergen diagnostics.